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Pro-Recordings coming soon

Amatuer and semi-professional recordings below;

The album is packaged in a zip file for Download.
You have the 16bit 44.1Khz option for burning to CD,
You have the 24bit 48Khz option for high resolution audio files if you have a really
good audio playback system and think you will be able to hear the quality difference

Thanks to Duncan Maclean for the excellent album artwork!
You can download and print the image below on glossy paper for the CD cover if burning a CD, it should be a 12cm square print

MP3 Previews

01 - Wake Up

02 - Miracle (FEAT- Elenya)

03 - History

04 - One Life

05 - Angels on Fire

06 - Kiss

07 - Broken Hearted Children

08 - Oceans

The versions below show my progress towards better productions

History V2

Miracle V2

Broken Hearted Children V2

Angels on Fire V2

One Life V2

Bilbo V2

Wake Up V2

Wake Up - Latest

Miracle Live Latest

Angels On Fire - Latest

History Live - Latest & V2



If you want to support the project

Downloading will take some time - dependant on your network connection speed (275.1Mb) : (471.1Mb)

COMING SOON: Traveller