New Kitchen Table and Chairs

Simone struck a real bargain here! A John Lewis hardwood second hand dining room table and chairs in mint condition for just $200 – if you went to John Lewis in the UK and tried to buy the same it would cost at least £1000 and probably nearer £2000, V Happy 🙂

Simone’s Birthday

Simone will be 1 year younger than me for roughly 24 hours, then it is all over – so I started her birthday celebrations 24 hours early in sympathy! 🙂 Molly (the dog) seems relatively uninterested!


OMSTS (Old Mans Shopping Trolly Syndrome) – COVID safe and masked with hand sanitiser in my pocket, Hat and Sunnies to be sun safe (really important in Aus), walking to the shops instead of taking the car to keep fit! Takes me back 17 years to when I used to walk Epsom and Kingston Upon Thames, UK shopping with a pram – bloody good fun and it is amazing how much you can carry at least $100 of shopping – not a big fortnightly shop but great for the smaller interim ones! 🙂 Oh and the other images are from the last couple of weekends – Salmon and Eggs Benedict for breakfast, Libby with a cup of green tea & scones, cleaning the car wheels with a pressure hose, Making a table with a beautiful piece of Tasmanian Oak (turned out fantastic!), Bilbies and make-up at David Jones, a cute cactus and the finishing of the table top