Jungle Garden Centre

A new Bird Bath for Simone’s garden – not what we were expecting to buy but whatever, you have to do it when you see something that say’s ‘yes’! 🙂

Simone and Libby in the Jungle Garden Centre

Simone’s Birthday

Simone will be 1 year younger than me for roughly 24 hours, then it is all over – so I started her birthday celebrations 24 hours early in sympathy! 🙂 Molly (the dog) seems relatively uninterested!

Fantastic Day! :)

OMG – when North Western Sydney does a fantastic day (circa 300 days a year) – things could hardly get better – God blessed Australia – and thank-you to my beautiful wife Simone for making this the happy home that it is! 🙂

Converse Shopping!

If you’re a Dad and you have not been Converse shopping with a 17 Year old good looking daughter then I seriously recommend it – felt like I was 18 again – doubt I will get that many envious looks ever again in my life!

Sunday Afternoon in the Garden

Sunday Afternoon in the garden – this post would have been a before and after but we ran out of steam half way through so I expect next weekend will show the after! 🙂 – The COVID mask was just for show ~ little or no chance of getting closer than 1.5 meters to anyone except for spiders, snakes and those pesky paper-crape wasps that are cool so long as you don’t disturb them – but if you do…..

Mothers Day

Mothers Day in Aus – Glenorie Bakery Brunch at home due to CV19 restrictions – Chicken Pie, Spinach Rolls, Raspberry and Coconut slice, Cheesecake and a pot of tea – Champagne for later 🙂