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The files below are a mixture of information. The Director files can be deconstructed in order to find simple programming solutions to add to your own Director projects. These downloads should prove equally interesting to both Interactive Multimedia & Music Technology students.

key skills Mapping(MM) doc.pdf IE Only; Dynamic Windows and Tables Mac Checkbox.dir (Download) MicrophoneU87.pdf MidiSetUpSX
Key Skills Tracking doc.pdf Mac UpDown.dir (Download) Mac Checkbox (View) MicrophoneU872.pdf Mastering
PAL NTSC 29 10 00 (DR).pdf Mac Updown Shockwave (View) Mac Feilds.dir (Download) RealtimeParameters.pdf PPT examples
Web Design 1 doc.pdf Mac Type.dir (Download) Mac Feilds (View) ShureSM58.doc Count.dir
Web Design 2 doc.pdf Mac Type.Shockwave (View) Cubase surround sound RibbonMics Market Research
Frameset example folder MacMemory.dir (Download) Dolby Surround Sound Mixing Manual Circle Of Fifths.tif(download) PMH1000
Plagarism FD doc.pdf Mac Memory (View) Surround Sound Notes For Producers An audio glossary Editing
PDP SOW.pdf Mac PhotoGallery.dir (Download) Making the most DVD Audio MIDI in Director Example.dir

SX MIDI Latency

Live Breif.ppt Mac PhotoGallery (View) Multi Channel Music Mixing 5.1&WordClockSX MIDI Latency

Social and cultural issues that impact on media products and industries

PPT : Supporting Text