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One Soul (XV.IV.MMXXI)


2021 New Years Day Mixes - (scrool down for more)

8 songs mixed on New Years Day 2021 - many people will have heard these songs before but the mixes should sound better and translate well on different audio studio and listening systems - I have added a few weird images for fun and as a prelude to some videos and streaming activities I will conduct when I have time, enjoy, Rich! :)



Miracle (I.I.MMXXI)




Thanks (I.I.MMXXI)




Kiss (I.I.MMXXI)




The Witch Song (I.I.MMXX)




Bilbo (I.I.MMXXI)




He Set You Free (I.I.MMXX)




He Set You Free (I.I.MMXX)




One Life (I.I.MMXXI)




One Red Rose (I.I.MMXXI)







Turn it up really loud - enjoy, Rich! :)